Sometimes we just need a hug.

Saturday was the first day of exams. How did that happen so fast? It has been an absolutely crazy few months and although I’ve looked forward to having some time to breath, I can’t believe it is almost here.  As I begin to process the happenings of the semester, and hoping to now get to […]

Professor Wish List – Apple Watch

It is no secret that I am a big fan of Apple. After I finally converted from my rickety PC when starting my position as a faculty member, I caught the bug.  I am not needing to be convinced to switch my loyalties (so don’t even try to android me), that will not happen for a […]

Gear for College – What’s in your backpack?

After you’ve packed the texts you need for a day on campus, you will also need to bring some tools. Surprisingly, not that very long ago, personal laptops were not found in our backpacks (I graduated from my undergraduate degree just over 10 years ago). However, laptops are now very common place in the classroom. […]

End of Semester Exhaustion

Surprisingly, I am still full of enough energy to push through the craziness that is March.  However, the wariness is laced on the faces of students all around. Maybe it’s the awfully long winter, maybe it’s the fact that many are fourth year students with a major case of “Senior-itis” but I feel the heaviness […]