I survived September…barely. It wasn’t that it was busier than usual, it was as wild as Septembers generally are when new courses start and the plans I made in the summer are working there way out….or not working out at all. That wasn’t a surprise to me. I survived despite the craziness that was my […]

Time Management – Beyond Making Lists

When I first started as a faculty member, I had ample hours in my office uninterrupted.  All of the jobs I wanted to get done were usually finished within a reasonable time and I felt very productive nearly every day.  However, as I taught an increasing number of students, expanded my areas of teaching expertise; […]

How to Still Be Productive When Your Brain is Done

Have you ever had a day where you just can’t get your brain to function? Whether it has been a long few weeks of late nights of work, or sick kids leading to sleepless nights, these days just happen. I used to punish myself and work on the tasks that I had previously decided had […]


Specifically, reference letter writing guilt…..   I write a lot of letters of reference. I really do enjoy this part of my job, although sometimes I complain about the crunch it puts on my time.  But when I get to write for students who I actually know, and have had for a number of years, […]

The Pregnant Prof

Yes, I am pregnant (and thrilled!).  I somehow made it through the first few weeks of lecturing while feeling terrible.  But now the pregnancy is quite obvious (how did that happen so fast??) and my regular clothes no longer fit. The last time I was pregnant, my teaching load wasn’t nearly as heavy, so the […]