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Anita Woods Ph.D., University Educator


Trending Professor? No, I have never “trended” nor started a #hashtag that has trended. But I embrace tech in the classroom.  Twitter maven? Not yet, but I’m learning.

Who am I? I am a professor at a large undergraduate university in Canada. GO MUSTANGS!

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I have been faculty for 10 years, focused on teaching.  I am tasked with teaching eight courses a year, from first year to fourth years in various areas of physiology.  After I finished my PhD in the area of cartilage differentiation, I fully intended on continuing down the research path.  Thankfully, I was stopped in my tracks by the opportunity to teach full time at the University level.  DREAM JOB! I took a leave of absence from the research lab for a year and tried out the teaching role.  The rest is history.  I know I have the best job in the world.

This site is mostly dedicated to my reflections as a professor, discussing the challenges I’ve faced in the classroom and teaching methods I have tried.

Anita Woods, Ph.D. is a teaching-intensive professor at Western University in Canada.


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