Teaching Evaluations Drama Part 2 – The Good

In continuation of my previous post on teaching evaluations, I feel like it would be fun to post some of my most favourite/hilarious comments I have received from students over the last few years. It is true that my hands literally shake as I open up the envelopes that contain the evaluations I have received […]

Student Centre: How to Write an Email to a Professor

Email is my job. ¬†Actually, teaching is my job but the number of emails I get on a daily basis makes the task of answering each in a timely fashion the most pressure in my line of work. Responding to these requests is important. I know I would be frustrated if I wasn’t responded to […]

How Important is it to Like your Professor?

As I have been counselling students this summer, a lot of conversation has come up from students over what course to take based on the professor who was teaching. ¬†They seem to really care about who the professor is and whether or not they think they will like them to determine which courses they may […]