Sometimes we just need a hug.

Saturday was the first day of exams. How did that happen so fast? It has been an absolutely crazy few months and although I’ve looked forward to having some time to breath, I can’t believe it is almost here.  As I begin to process the happenings of the semester, and hoping to now get to […]

The Calm Before the Storm

In every school year, I have the calm before the storm. The way my lecture schedule works out I am frantically busy teaching in September as well as managing my new teaching assistants and getting into the roll of school.  October is frenzied because of writing exams and delivering quizzes. November is the month where […]

Brain Break

When I teach, I usually give a “brain break”, 2 glorious minutes right in the middle of lecture where I don’t need students to turn to their neighbour and ask discuss the lecture….just a break, nothing more. It’s good for me, and I’m sure it helps students too.  I sometimes feel pressure to make this […]