How to Still Be Productive When Your Brain is Done

Have you ever had a day where you just can’t get your brain to function? Whether it has been a long few weeks of late nights of work, or sick kids leading to sleepless nights, these days just happen. I used to punish myself and work on the tasks that I had previously decided had […]

Professor Tools: Whiteboard

Although I love my tech, I need to have an old fashioned whiteboard kicking around.  I have always used whiteboards for studying (both in high school and University), organizing my work day, and for teaching impromptu in my office. I have gone through a number of white boards through the years and finally got the […]

Professor Problems: How to Survive Email

It is day 3 of school and already I am concerned about the volume of email I am getting on a day to day basis.  However, I have been able to kind of keep my head above water.  I have not solved my issue, but I have figured out a few things that I know […]