Professor Problems: How to Survive Email

It is day 3 of school and already I am concerned about the volume of email I am getting on a day to day basis.  However, I have been able to kind of keep my head above water.  I have not solved my issue, but I have figured out a few things that I know […]

Professor Problems: Officially in Panic Mode. What your Professor is Really Thinking.

School starts in 5 days.  AHHHHHH! I am not ready for this year.  I don’t think I ever feel ready but this year seems more intense than most.  Today I met a lot of lovely new first year students.  Chatty, happy, excited, intense, calm, close talkers, quiet, serious, …. I saw them all this afternoon. […]

Professor Problems: How to Unwind

I’ve been in the teaching world for a few years and haven’t quite yet figured out how to really decompress.  When the job is never ending….really never ending….I have started to learn how important it is to carve out time regardless of the fast approaching deadlines.  I know that if I am going to be […]

Professor Problems: Best way to teach a topic?

It seems depressing but this long August weekend is not for fun…it is the last push before our printing deadlines for all our course pack notes.  I am currently creating notes for 18 lectures for one of our large third year courses. I am feeling the pressure! The biggest struggle I have had is trying […]

Prof Problems….Where to Workout?

When I first started teaching, I could still go to the campus gym unnoticed and get my fitness session in during lunch or right after the work day.  However, that quickly changed.  I love seeing my students….just not when I am working out….maybe it’s the sweat factor, or the fact that I am still pretty […]