The Calm Before the Storm

In every school year, I have the calm before the storm. The way my lecture schedule works out I am frantically busy teaching in September as well as managing my new teaching assistants and getting into the roll of school.  October is frenzied because of writing exams and delivering quizzes. November is the month where […]

How to Prepare the Perfect Lecture

Okay, well I don’t think I’ve ever prepared AND given a perfect lecture but I have certainly had lectures go well and I have also had lectures go horribly.  There are the lectures that feel great when I’m done and then I find out the students were confused, lectures were I felt the panic rising […]

Professor Tools: Whiteboard

Although I love my tech, I need to have an old fashioned whiteboard kicking around.  I have always used whiteboards for studying (both in high school and University), organizing my work day, and for teaching impromptu in my office. I have gone through a number of white boards through the years and finally got the […]

Ode to the Frosh: Class of 2017

When I prepare for a new year, I like to look at the Mindset List to see who my new students are.  I quickly realize that there are some pop culture points I can’t say because THEY WON’T KNOW WHAT I AM TALKING ABOUT!! I have quickly become that person that says “Wow! They are so […]