I survived September…barely. It wasn’t that it was busier than usual, it was as wild as Septembers generally are when new courses start and the plans I made in the summer are working there way out….or not working out at all. That wasn’t a surprise to me. I survived despite the craziness that was my […]

Mean Tweets

There is a hilarious sketch on Jimmy Kimmel where celebrities read mean tweets that have been posted about/sent to them. It is fun to watch and most of the time, super ridiculous that someone would have the nerve to say something so terrible about someone (know them or not). Our science student council has adapted┬áthe […]

Textbook Junkie

I recently reflected on the topic of textbooks and discovered that I have an obsession. I love textbooks. I am a textbook junkie. I don’t know where my love of textbooks came from exactly but that they have totally saved me many, many times. I grew up in an educational era where we had to […]