I survived September…barely. It wasn’t that it was busier than usual, it was as wild as Septembers generally are when new courses start and the plans I made in the summer are working there way out….or not working out at all. That wasn’t a surprise to me. I survived despite the craziness that was my […]

What Summer Vacation Looks Like for Faculty Members

A very common question we get as faculty is about how we will spend our summers relaxing.  Although we wish our students well and hope they take our advice of spending some time to unwind in the summer, we are hard at work for the majority of that time. I can certainly speak for the […]

Time Management – Beyond Making Lists

When I first started as a faculty member, I had ample hours in my office uninterrupted.  All of the jobs I wanted to get done were usually finished within a reasonable time and I felt very productive nearly every day.  However, as I taught an increasing number of students, expanded my areas of teaching expertise; […]