Gear for College – What’s in your backpack?

After you’ve packed the texts you need for a day on campus, you will also need to bring some tools. Surprisingly, not that very long ago, personal laptops were not found in our backpacks (I graduated from my undergraduate degree just over 10 years ago). However, laptops are now very common place in the classroom. […]

The Perfect Exam- Unattainable?

I pride myself in the details. Making sure every slide is perfect, every lecture is content balanced with times built in for student engagement and a level of performance to keep attention.  I am nit-picky when it comes to writing and editing.  Pouring over manuscripts, editing and rewriting until everything sounds right. But last night, […]

Professor Problems: How to Survive Email

It is day 3 of school and already I am concerned about the volume of email I am getting on a day to day basis.  However, I have been able to kind of keep my head above water.  I have not solved my issue, but I have figured out a few things that I know […]

Professor Problems: Officially in Panic Mode. What your Professor is Really Thinking.

School starts in 5 days.  AHHHHHH! I am not ready for this year.  I don’t think I ever feel ready but this year seems more intense than most.  Today I met a lot of lovely new first year students.  Chatty, happy, excited, intense, calm, close talkers, quiet, serious, …. I saw them all this afternoon. […]