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Anita Woods Ph.D., University Educator
Sometimes we just need a hug.

Sometimes we just need a hug.

Saturday was the first day of exams. How did that happen so fast? It has been an absolutely crazy few months and although I’ve looked forward to having some time to breath, I can’t believe it is almost here.  As I begin to process the happenings of the semester, and hoping to now get to the task of revamping and improving courses, I hit an emotional wall over the weekend.  One of the toughest parts of being a professor for me is the fact that I have to be “on” all the time. I have no time to not have it all together, to not know all the answers, to not know how to manage people and answer every request that pours into my inbox. I’m tired. I thankfully am an extrovert, so I do thrive by talking to people, colleagues and students, but I have had no time to have a quiet or down day.  It’s literally been full tilt since before Christmas. There has never been a night where I didn’t have something for work that I had to do. There is never a real break, it just doesn’t happen until May.

What do I need? Sometimes only a hug will do. We run so hard and keep just slugging away that there comes a time when we just want to cry or maybe we just wish we could hug our parents or our best friends.  But sometimes there is no one to hug.  But words can be hugs and friends can be there for us to encourage us to keep pressing forward and to just get it done.

Our Universities science student council put together a wonderful video and I feel like it is the hug you might be missing.  Here friends, consider yourself hugged, the semester is almost done!


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