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Prof Problems….Where to Workout?

When I first started teaching, I could still go to the campus gym unnoticed and get my fitness session in during lunch or right after the work day.  However, that quickly changed.  I love seeing my students….just not when I am working out….maybe it’s the sweat factor, or the fact that I am still pretty wimpy in my free weight lifting abilities, or also because I really don’t want to talk about what is going to be on the exam when I am in the middle of dead lifts. Seriously, I don’t.

So after a number of gym tries (and still the same sorts of issues of not being able to go without being pointed at, or chatted up at the treadmill), I returned to the realm of work out videos while we slowly accumulate our home gym equipment in the basement.  I have a lot of favourites including anything Jillian Michaels as well as using the Women’s Health Big Book of Workouts.



But tonight, I came across an old workout I used to do as a frosh, before I was brave enough to visit the campus gym.  The Cindy Crawford workout videos (circa 1990 and 1993) were on VHS (that is the old fashion video tapes for those not familiar with the term). These videos were the reason I didn’t gain the froshmen 15.  After the second VHS tape died, there was no more Cindy Crawford….until today! I found in on YouTube!!!  Want to do an old school workout? Give this little gem a try, it’s pretty fantastic, I promise. If anything, Cindy is pretty darn encouraging and she rocks the leotard workout gear.


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