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Five reasons why I love Lauren Conrad….

Yup, I think she’s fantastic.  I may have a slight obsession/adoration/loyalty to Miss “LC”.  You know when you feel like you discovered something great and then everyone else caught up to your discovery? Your welcome.  But seriously, I do really appreciate her ability as a designer.  My fav fashion buys have come from the LC Lauren Conrad at Kohls line.  I whole heartedly and unashamedly endorse all things LC.


So here is my official list:

1. Laguna beach– When the OC finished, this cute little show quickly filled its place in my tv show roster

2. The Hills– Seriously, how much better can reality t.v. get?

3. The clothes- I love my clothes to be feminine, professional, and not terribly expensive.  Her line at Kohls is my shopping go-to

4. Her blog. The place where I learned how to use that darn liquid eye-liner, a necessary skill.

5. Her books.  I just picked up L.A. candy, a fun little read.

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