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Don’t you get the summer off?

Really? I know it might sound strange that I actually do work throughout the year since I am a teaching intensive faculty member.  But really, I don’t get the summer off.  I need every last day of summer to go on forever and for every day to be super productive.  I am actually panicking a little that it is already July.  WHERE DID THE TIME GO?? After the students leave in April, I am really not done with them until the end of May due to make-up exams, grade appeals adjudication of transcripts for the next batch of Honors students and the steady emails that just never stop.

By June I start to have time to do all the work that I have been putting off and start to tackle the wish list.  I am just shy of halfway through my to do list for this summer and am starting to plan what things I will have to let go of, because they just won’t get done before September.

So no, I don’t get the summer off.  And that is okay, because I really have a normal job just like most people on the planet that also don’t get the summer off. I realize that my job isn’t totally the norm because I mostly make my own hours and I can show up in jeans and a ponytail.  Summer does provide types of refreshing, but there are many things that have to happen before the show starts again……really…..really….soon.

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