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First day of class- Prof Style

First day of class- Prof Style

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The first day of classes are……terrifying! I certainly feel the pressure in those first few minutes.  I know I have exactly one minute to make the first impression.  Beyond all the business that needs to happen (discussions of the syllabus, evaluations, contact information, teaching assistants, course structure…..), I also want to command authority with also beginning to build the rapport of an approachable faculty member that actually cares about their success.  What a pressure cooker.  Therefore, my first class outfit is very carefully selected. I usually don’t take too many fashion risks on that first day and opt for classics, with a twist of course.  I often select dress pants over a skirt or dress, traditional black most of the time.  However, I prefer the a slim cut like these Michael Kors pants that are lovely with a slight crop.  Instead of a matchy-matchy black blazer, I like to go with a white or cream since I am not yet ready to let go of summer.  I would pair this with a light blouse to keep the look feminine.  I wouldn’t go crazy with the accessories since the ruffle blouse is beautiful on its own.  What would you wear on the first day?

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