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The summer work wish list

The wish list is the list of things I start to compile in September.  When I have time I will do….., after I have those papers marked then I will…, if I can get those emails done then I will start….

Then it gets bigger, and then it gets reorganized by priority, or by ease or by whatever becomes the new focus or goal for my job.  Oh that list drives me crazy, but if I don’t write it down, my head starts to spin.  So here is the part of my list, what is on yours?

1. Reorganize the course pack notes for my second year class and make it look more professional

2. Streamline my gastrointestinal lectures for the first year class because I included too much information last semester

3. Increase the amount of content for my third year lectures that is written in the course pack

4. Write two grants for one of the education projects I am working on, both due in July (maybe one will be successful???)

5. Write up my ethics proposal for another research project that I am starting in September

6. Learn how to use Adobe Captivate so that I can help transition my online course using this software

7. Develop a structure for tutorials in my second year course, including case studies and marking rubrics for the teaching assistants

8. Meet with my teaching assistants to talk about all the changes for tutorials and rework the tutorial schedule if necessary

9. Meet up with my artist and instruct throughout the summer regarding a continuation of the augmented reality project I began last summer

10. Organize my filing cabinet

11. Organize the files on my computer out of the “Organize” folder and into real folders

12. Write a lot of reference letters for American medical and dental schools before the requests for reference letters come for the Canadian medical and dental schools

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