Mean Tweets

There is a hilarious sketch on Jimmy Kimmel where celebrities read mean tweets that have been posted about/sent to them. It is fun to watch and most of the time, super ridiculous that someone would have the nerve to say something so terrible about someone (know them or not). Our science student council has adapted¬†the […]

What makes a good study session?

As we come around to the last set of midterms, I spend a lot of talking chatting with students about how they are studying. ¬†Although I feel like I’m modelling how to study while I teach and although I have worked a lot with my teaching assistants about training students in tutorial on giving examples […]

Dear Graduate.

We are getting to the time of the year when our fourth year students are starting to panic. Life as an undergraduate is going to end soon and the questions of “what are you going to do when you are done” have already begun. I know this because I was once there and the number […]