Real Winter Boots

Winter has seriously hit southwestern Ontario.  We had 70 cm of snow fall in less than a day this past weekend (that’s almost 30 inches of snow for my non-metric friends).  I don’t yet have snow tires on my car and I do not have the right winter boots to trudge around in this weather! […]

No Time to Shop?

I love back to school shopping, and window shopping and just shopping.  I have always loved fashion and finding great deals.  I realize that I am not the norm in the science prof university world, and have many friends who detest the shopping hunt.  I also have many co-workers who are just too busy and […]

How to Wear Printed Leggings

Although I try to keep my wardrobe full of classic pieces, I love to add in current trends.  Printed leggings are still going to be big in the fall and I am looking forward to picking up a few pairs.  Here are some great ways to wear leggings with other fall trends that can be […]