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No Time to Shop?

I love back to school shopping, and window shopping and just shopping.  I have always loved fashion and finding great deals.  I realize that I am not the norm in the science prof university world, and have many friends who detest the shopping hunt.  I also have many co-workers who are just too busy and don’t want to spend their downtime looking for a great accessory to add to their wardrobe.  Although I still prefer to find my own wardrobe pieces, there are many great options out there for those of us who are not shoppers at heart.

I stumbled upon a few online personal shopper programs who will send you personally selected items at a great deal! From accessories, make-up, to entire outfits, these services can be purchased as a one time deal or you can subscribe to a monthly service.

1. Wantable– I really love this online box deal because you can purchase an accessory box, or make-up for a one time try or monthly, for approx $40.  I’m going to try the accessory box for September and see what types of goodies arrive (it’s like Christmas!!)

2. MyntBox– This online service sends a box of jewelry every month for a cost of $30-$50 (and they deliver to Canada as well).

3. Le Tote– How would you like to expand your entire closet? You are sent personally selected clothing items and after a few weeks or months, just return. How cool is that?

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