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Internet Detox

Internet Detox

I love my smart phone, I love twitter and most of the time I like email. But after the end of the semester I was so burned out and so obsessed with my ability to answer every email within hours of it being sent to me…I needed a break.

So we booked a trip where internet was expensive to come by and I put a vacation message on my email. I couldn’t even use my data plan to check my phone.

IT WAS GLORIOUS! It’s embarrassing to say, but I talked more to my husband, played more with my little boy and had a ton more time to do things like….gasp….read a book!

I’m back now to the the wonderful internet, which is usually great. But it reminded me that I have to set limits to my consumption so that I still do things like read books for fun.  I’m looking forward to the new Year and the new semester.


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