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The Email Treadmill

Today was one of those days that I purposed that I would get all emails answered, no matter what.  I cleared everything else off of my plate and tackled my inbox.  Due to the holiday weekend, it was a little backed up to last Friday.  So I knew I was in for at least half a day…..WRONG!

I took a short break for dinner to hang out with le husband and my cheeky little boy.  I have finally tackled the pile.  I did underestimate because it took me all day and well into the evening.  What a task. As soon as I had answered 10 emails, 10 new ones appeared.  I am emailed out! I kind of feel triumphant and I kind of feel that there needs to be a mini-celebration but nothing seems quite as appropriate as a very public “HOORAY!”

It’s just that time of year, when assignments are due and midterms are looming. Usually an average of 50 new emails a day turns into at least 100 new emails a day.  So I am hoping that the rest of the week slows down so that I can finish the other jobs that have to happen before Friday.  Happy Email Day.

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