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Pop Culture Video References in Lecture BAZINGA

As I celebrate the end of my note preps for the fall, I am finally able to start constructing my presentations.

After two months of non-stop slaving, my course pack notes are finally done for all of my courses this fall.

I love constructing the actual lectures.  All of my really hard work is done and now I get to be creative.  I will be using keynote solely this year and will be teaching off my iPad as I walk around the classroom, PUMPED!

I always like to include some pop culture reference in my lectures, to bring in humour and make the point a little more memorable.  An easy TV show to reference has been The Big Bang Theory. But I have had to make sure I keep up the new episodes (tough job, eh?), and relying on good key word searches on YouTube to find the clips I want to use in class.  Well my friends, my job is now even easier thanks to this lovely blog the post the transcripts of each episode with easy to look up keyword searches.  BAZINGA

Screen Shot 2013-08-08 at 2.48.10 PM



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