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Grant writing newbie

Although I’ve been faculty for a few years, grantsmanship has been lower on the priority list.   I don’t have a typical 40% teaching 40% research 20% service workload.  I am atypical and am expected to spend 90% of my time teaching and 10% on service.  Therefore, there isn’t an expectation from my department to apply for and obtain grants.  I have been applying for grants anyway and winning some small teaching innovation grants, which has put the fire in me to go for some bigger research dollars to explore the use of technology in education.  Today, I finished writing a grant to create augmented reality models of various heart defects to teach cardiologists and residents abroad.  After pouring over each word in this brief application, me and my collaborators had to create a video component for the public to vote on (what a great idea!).

Screen Shot 2013-07-29 at 8.47.30 PM
Teaching with augmented reality (AR)
Screen Shot 2013-07-29 at 8.47.37 PM
AR heart

After figuring out that we missed an essential component of the grant late this afternoon (problem now averted!), I felt like a complete chump for not realizing the necessity to let our research office know about the application that we are putting through.  I have been at the University for too long to claim “Newbie” status, but really…I am new at this.  Oh well, yet another example of how much more I have to learn.  Here’s hoping our grant is successful!

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