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Name Obsession

With the birth of the royal prince today, I can’t help but join in on the name guessing game.  I have been obsessed with names since before my 3 year old was born.  Luckily, my husband and I had little struggle with picking a name for our boy.  But I have to say, had he been a girl, I don’t know what we would have decided upon.  When we were deciding, I scoured websites, but my favourite was the Baby Name Wizard.  Laura Wattenberg is my kind of baby namer, the data collection alone is impressive.

Screen Shot 2013-07-22 at 8.47.02 PM

As a teacher, I am bombarded with names and was warned that I may struggle in naming a child due to potential “ruined names”.  To be honest, there have been few in my class that have ruined a name.  However, a name that sounds intelligent and University bound has been a driving force in name choices.

The naming of a girl seems a little more tricky.  Not only would I like the name to sound intelligent, but also feminine.  I used to believe that I could be known as smart or pretty (not both).  I’ve decided that a perfect girls name should be both. I have a few floating around in my brain for future use, but the husband will have to agree.

Will and Kate have quite a job ahead of them.  Thankfully, few people if any in the world cared about what I would name my baby.

So here is my royal predictions: 1. George, 2. Edward, 3. Charles, 4. Spencer

Congrats Will and Kate!

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