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Conferences hurt my head

I love conferences.  Nerd.  But seriously, I think we can all agree that conferences are so rewarding because it’s like reading 20 research papers in a day.  So many great ideas crammed into session after glorious session.  I haven’t been to an education conference like this in a while.  In my grad school days, I had the chance to go to a lot of scientific conferences which were focused on basic research. Just like those, I leave with the same feelings.  I am mostly recharged and excited. But there is also the feeling of being overwhelmed.

Todays sessions at the Western Conference of Science Education made me think of a number of things.

1. Am I brave enough to actually “lose control” of my class and add in active learning?

2. My plans for my changes in tutorials are nowhere near ready although if I get it right, they could be really amazing….I need to set aside some serious planning time…..

3. When am I going to have time to submit my ethics proposal for the research I have to do this fall?

4. I have been marking written work all wrong! If I actually implement some changes that were presented today, my love/hate relationship with some of these written assignments will hopefully be a lot more love.

Oh conferences, you hurt my head but I love ya!

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